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Visualizing your products for websites and social networks
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What do we offer
Our main goal is to level up your sales.
We are doing it with 3 content's types

1. Photorealistic furniture visualisation
The images of furniture in the room interior or office space, created in special 3D programms, made in a realistic technique close to photography.

Depending on the goals, it can be performed in the space of various interior styles, or on a studio monochrome or transparent background for demonstration in profile catalogs.
2. 3D models in augmented reality
Modern format of presentation and search for the most successful version of furniture and its location in the client's interior.

Using smartphone, running Android or iOS, the client can independently try out a favorite piece of furniture in the necessary conditions for it: at home, in the office, and so on.
At the same time, client do not even need to download the app, just select the option of interest on your website/social network page and open it. The model in AR locates the floor plane and places itself in the correct scale. After that it can be moved and rotated for installation in the interior.
3. 3D models for interior designers
Pre-prepared 3D models of furniture speed up and simplify the work of interior designers and also save your time as a customer, since there is no need to further coordinate the appearance of furniture.

The designer can download necessary for use in the interior 3D models from your website with customized materials and correct geometry in several versions of .max format, the universal .fbx format and place them in the interior project independently, without numerous settings.
What do you receive
can be placed on website, social networks or a catalogue

from 100$ for 1 model (above 5 models at once)
We are developing the 3D model according to your blueprints and give you a choice of interior to visualize with

3D model in augmented reality
Your customer will be able to test the furniture placement inside his house

from 100$ for 1 model (above 5 models at once)
We are developing the 3D model of your furniture according to your blueprints and placing it on your websire or social network in two formats. For Android and IOS
Models for interior designers
It's more comfortable for designers to work with developers whose models are avialable for use with just downloading them from a website
from 60$ for 1 model (above 5 models at once)
We are developing the 3D model for interior designers with materials tuned and applied in two formats: .max and .fbx

If you order
visualizations + AR models + models for designers
the price will be lower by 2 TIMES

200 100 $
for 1 model!
As we are initially working to export the model in 3 content types - it help us to optimize the costs
Our 3D visualizations
Our client's feedback
Yulia Habibullina
Furniture HUB
In our business, the development of visualisations has become a real find. The quality is breathtaking! It is very imortant that guys and I manage to hear each other; everything is clear, high-quality, professional in the process, and in the end — an amazing result!
The advantages of visualisations are obvious — they allow you to present furniture in the best look, because it's mostly impossible to arrange a full-fledged photo session in offline store. Moreover, renderers help to show the product in different colors and configurations, and at the same time they are accurate images of objects! Customers are delighted, and visualisations help you imagine how the furniture will look in their interior, and this contributes to sales growth.
We are very happy with our cooperation and interaction.
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The same day we recieve the blueprints - we start furniture modelling
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